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HOSODA, Miwako

NameHOSODA, Miwako
AffiliationSeisa University
SectionFaculty of Life Network Science
Job titleVice-President, Professor
DegreePhD(University of Tokyo)
Research funding number00640161


Dr. Miwako Hosoda, Vice-President of Seisa University, has been doing her sociological research by observing human relations in the healthcare field. She is particularly interested in the coordination of people who are coping with medical health issues, healthcare policy and public participation. She graduated from the Department of Sociology, University of Tokyo, in 1992, and received an MA and PhD in Sociology from the University of Tokyo. After working as a research fellow for The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, she studied at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health and Harvard School of Public Health.Then, she joined Seisa University from 2012.
Dr. Hosoda is President of Research Committee 15 (Sociology of Health) of International Sociological Association, and President of Asia Pacific Sociological Association.

Research Interests

inclusive sports , disability studies , area studies , health policy , healthcare governance , medical ethics , patient advocacy , global health , team based healthcare , Health Social Movements , Sociology of Health , Bioethics , Public Health

Research Areas

  • Environmental science / Design and evaluation of sustainable and environmental conscious system / 
  • Area studies / Area studies / area studies
  • Philosophy / Philosophy/Ethics / bioethics
  • Health/Sports science / Applied health science / inclusive sports
  • Society medicine / Hygiene and public health / public health
  • Sociology / Sociology / Sociology of Health

Committee Memberships

Jan 2019
International Sociological Association, Sociology on Health (RC15)  President
Jul 2017
Jun 2019
Asia Pacific Sociological Association  President

Books etc

Thakur S Powdyel (Part:Single Translation)
Seisa University Press   Nov 2018   ISBN:4774080071
Bhutan Education, Globalization, and Preservation of Traditional Language, An Empirical Study with Bhutanese Educators
HOSODA, Miwako (Part:Joint Work)
IGI Global   Jan 2017   ISBN:978-1-5225-1894-5
miwako hosoda; masahiro kami (Part:Joint Work)
ToÌ"kyoÌ" : Akashishoten, 2014.5   May 2014   ISBN:4750340154
Miwako Hosoda
Nihonkangokyokaishuppankai.   May 2012   ISBN:4818016586
細田 満和子
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細田 満和子
青海社   2006   ISBN:4902249227
細田 満和子
日本看護協会出版会   2003   ISBN:4818010200

Published Papers

A Long Way to Kyosei (Living Together) Society: The Trajectory of the Hansen’s Disease Recoverees’ Movement to Repeal the “Leprosy Prevention Law”
HOSODA, Miwako
Journal of Kyosei Studies   8(8) 24-35   Jun 2017   [Refereed]
What to Learn in Sociology - An Essay on Teacher Training Course Education
HOSODA, Miwako
Seisa University Educational Research   (1) 103-110   2017   [Refereed]
Aiming for high-quality team medicine
HOSODA, Miwako
Healthcare Science   57    Nov 2015   [Refereed][Invited]
["Team medical care" from sociological perspective: a study from US-Japan hospital fieldwork].
Hosoda M
Nihon Geka Gakkai zasshi   110(4) 225-228   Jul 2009   [Refereed]
Hosoda Miwako
Kazoku syakaigaku kenkyu   14(2) 148-156   2003   [Invited]
In Japan, it organ transplants from brain-dead bodies have been discussed for a long time, and the law for organ transplantation was enacted in 1997. Though organ transplants from living related have not argued and have no status in that law, many...
The Japanese journal of health and medical sociology   20(2) 64-73   2009   [Refereed]
Journal of the Japan Association for Bioethics   19(1) 120-126   Sep 2009
The aim of this paper is to show the transformation of American bioethics. New technologies in the medical health-care field, such as organ transplantation, withholding and withdrawing life-prolonging treatments, reproductive technologies, and pre...
The annual review of health and medical sociology   (12) 88-101   May 2001   [Refereed]
The people involved in medical scene are interested in "the team medical-care" and try to realize it, although it is considered to be difficult. I think these difficulties rise partly because the recognition and the practice of "the team medical-c...
Living with a Misunderstood Disease: Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Japan
HOSODA, Miwako
Eubios: Journal of Asian and International Bioethics   23(3) 70-72   May 2013   [Refereed]
Feasibility of “Medical Governance” : A Case Study of the Social Movement against the Limitation of the Social Health Insurance Fee Schedule for Rehabilitation Therapy in Japan
HOSODA, Miwako
Journal of Kyosei Sciences   8 45-54   Mar 2013   [Refereed]
Tanimoto T, Murashige N, Hosoda M, Kusumi E, Ono S, Kami M, Shibuya K
Lancet   380(9854) 1647   Nov 2012   [Refereed]
Tanimoto T, Yuji K, Kodama Y, Matsumura T, Yamamoto H, Mori J, Hosoda M, Uchida N, Kami M, Taniguchi S, Taniguchi Project
Lancet   379(9819) e34   Mar 2012   [Refereed]
Hosoda M, Inoue H, Miyazawa Y, Kusumi E, Shibuya K
Lancet   379(9815) 520   Feb 2012   [Refereed]
Hansen's disease recoverers as agents of change: a case study in Japan.
Hosoda M
Leprosy review   81(1) 5-16   Mar 2010   [Refereed]


保健医療の現場からの問い ヘルス・ガバナンスに向けて
細田 満和子
保健医療社会学論集   29(特別) 21-21   Apr 2018
荻野 貴美子, 細田 満和子
保健医療社会学論集   29(特別) 33-33   Apr 2018
「チーム学校」とは何か 教育と保健医療の連携の課題
荻野 貴美子, 北村 哲郎, 細田 満和子
保健医療社会学論集   28(特別) 72-72   May 2017
生活を支援するということ 社会学者の立場から
細田 満和子
国際リハビリテーション看護研究会誌   15(1) 34-37   Mar 2016
多職種連携の新しい考え方 これまでとこれから
細田 満和子
日本循環器看護学会誌   9(2) 9-10   Feb 2014
細田 満和子
看護診断   19(1) 17-24   Mar 2014
周産期救急対応におけるチームワーク 医療におけるチームワークとは
細田 満和子
母性衛生   55(3) 59-59   Aug 2014
【2025年に向けて チーム医療における各専門職の役割】 質の高いチーム医療を目指して
細田 満和子
保健の科学   57(11) 724-728   Nov 2015
看護職種間の連携への期待 看護の専門性と看護職種間の連携
細田 満和子
日本看護医療学会雑誌   15(2) 66-67   Jan 2014
医学教育における行動科医学 医療社会学入門 社会学と医学との関係
細田 満和子
医学教育   44(Suppl.) 31-31   Jul 2013
【あそぶ、あそばせる】 遊びへの自由 病いや障がいを持つことと近代的価値に関する一考察
細田 満和子
生存科学   25(1) 17-23   Sep 2014
細田 満和子
看護診断   18(2) 54-55   Jun 2013
The annual review of health and medical sociology   23(2) 7-15   Jan 2013
The research on Medical Sociology typically employed a form, in which it criticizes the putative hierarchical structure of medical professionals with physicians positioned at the top dominating patients and the other specialists. In the late 1990'...
【腎不全医療とチーム医療】 腎疾患領域に関わるチーム医療 理念と課題
細田 満和子
臨床透析   28(11) 1421-1426   Oct 2012
准看護師問題再訪 問われる看護界の自律性
細田 満和子
看護管理   22(10) 880-881   Sep 2012
【看護における社会学的アプローチと実践】 当事者みんなで守る健康 社会に開かれた看護をめざして
笠井 雅雄, 亀井 智泉, 澤田石 順, 細田 満和子, 吉田 澄恵
インターナショナルナーシングレビュー   35(3) 124-135   May 2012
Will & Voice 市民が声を上げ,それに耳を傾ける文化をどう醸成するか 医療の制度や政策を変えるアメリカから
細田 満和子
看護管理   22(4) 344-345   Apr 2012
チーム医療再考 チーム・アプローチでデザインするこれからの医療ケア
細田 満和子
保健医療社会学論集   23(特別) 27-27   Apr 2012
三田地 真実, 細田 満和子, 三村 紫十美
共生科学研究 : 星槎大学紀要   (8) 175-190   2012
細田 満和子
ノーマライゼーション: 障害者の福祉   31(11) 58-60   Nov 2011
World Now 勝ち取った施設から地域への移行 マサチューセッツ脳障害協会の自立生活を求める集団訴訟
細田 満和子
ノーマライゼーション: 障害者の福祉   31(8) 46-48   Aug 2011
外科におけるチーム医療のあり方(NP、PA) チーム医療の課題と実践
細田 満和子
日本外科学会雑誌   112(臨増1-2) 165-165   May 2011
細田 満和子
総合リハビリテ-ション   37(10) 899-902   Oct 2009
The annual review of health and medical sociology   20(2) 64-73   Feb 2010
This is a case study on social movement against the revision of Social Health Insurance Fee Schedule (SHIFS) in Japan, using the theory of Health Social Movements critically. All Japanese are obliged to carry proper public health insurance and rec...
Hosoda Miwako
Journal of Japan Surgical Society   110(4) 225-228   Jul 2009
細田 満和子
The Japanese journal of hospice and palliative care   19(4) 308-311   Jul 2009
細田 満和子
総合リハビリテ-ション   35(10) 1247-1250   Oct 2007
病院におけるチーム医療の推進 「チーム医療」の理念と現実
細田 満和子
日本病院会雑誌   52(7) 941-947   Jul 2005
【緩和ケアにおける臨床倫理 身近なルールを考える】 緩和ケアにおけるチーム医療の倫理 多様な価値観にどう向き合うか
細田 満和子
緩和ケア   15(2) 110-115   Mar 2005
【チーム医療と緩和ケアチーム】 チーム医療の見方/見られ方
細田 満和子
ターミナルケア   13(4) 253-256   Jul 2003

Awards & Honors

Psychological Care for Children after the Great Eastern Disaster 2011, Research Grant, Mitsui Life Science Welfare Foundation
Jul 2010
Social Determinant of Health, Abe Fellowship, Social Science Research Council and Japan Foundation
Sep 2008
Healthcare Governance, Fellowship of Takemi Program, Harvard School of Public Health
Nov 2005
The Role of Patients' Support Groups in the US, Grant for overseas dispatch of Japanese researchers, Phizer Health Research Foundation
Apr 2002
Empirical research on people surrounding team medicine, Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research, Minister of Education

Conference Activities & Talks

The Health Insurance System and the Super-Aging Challenge in Japan,
HOSODA, Miwako
13th Asia Pacific Sociological Association Conference, Globalization, Mobility and Boarders: Challenges and Opportunities in the Asia-Pacific, Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia   24 Sep 2016   

Association Memberships

Asia Pacific Sociological Association , International Sociological Association , American Sociological Association , THE JAPAN SOCIOLOGICAL SOCIETY , THE JAPANESE SOCIETY OF HEALTH AND MEDICAL SOCIOLOGY , JAPAN ASSOCIATION FOR BIOETHICS