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NameSUZUKI Keiko
AffiliationRitsumeikan University
SectionThe Kinugasa Research Organization
Job titleProfessor
DegreePh.D. (Anthropology)(University of Wisconsin-Madison), MA (Anthropology) and Professional Certificate in Museum Studies(New York University)
Other AffiliationRitsumeikan University

Research Interests

Cultural anthropology, historical anthropology, symbolic anthropology, visual culture, cultural studies, art history, museum studies, representation, material culture

Research Areas

  • Cultural assets study and museology / Cultural assets study and museology / 
  • Area studies / Area studies / 
  • Art studies / Fine art history / 
  • History / Historical studies in general / 
  • History / Japanese history / 

Academic & Professional Experience

Oct 2008
Dec 2008
Research Assistant, Kinugasa Research Organization, Ritsumeikan Univerisity
Jan 2009
Mar 2012
Associate Professor, Kinugasa Research Organization, Ritsumeikan University
Apr 2012
Mar 2013
Professor, Kinugasa Research Organization, Ritsumeikan University
Apr 2012
Deputy-director, Art Research Center, Kinugasa Research Organization, Ritsumeikan University
Apr 2013
Eminent Professor, Kinugasa Research Organization, Ritsumeikan University


Dec 2006
Cultural Anthropology, Department of Anthropology, Graduate School, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Department of Anthropology, and Museum Studies Program, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, New York University

Committee Memberships

Apr 2012
Art Research Center, Kinugasa Research Organization, Ritsumeikan University  Deputy Director
Sep 2014
The Japanese Association for Digital Humanities  Executive Board Member

Published Papers

Keiko Suzuki
第8回横幹連合コンファレンス      Dec 2017
Deep Features for Image Classification and Image Similarity Perception
Zhenao Wei, Lilang Xiong, Kazuki Mori, Tung Duc Nguyen, Tomohiro Harada, Ruck Thawonmas, Keiko Suzuki, Masaaki Kidachi
Proceedings of JADH Conference   2017 60-62   Sep 2017
Keiko Suzuki
『国際ワークショップ 学術資料としての『型紙』―資料の共有化と活用に向けて 報告書』   4-5   Mar 2017
Comparisons of Different Configurations for Image Colorization of Cultural Images Using a Pre-trained Convolutional Neural Network
Tung Nguyen, Ruck Thawonmas, Keiko Suzuki, and Masaaki Kidachi
JADH2016   60-63   Sep 2016
Development of a Support Tool for Categorizing Ukiyo-e's Pictorial Themes: A System to Deal with Visual Features and Similarities
Shinya Saito, and Keiko Suzuki
Digital Humanities 2016: Conference Abstracts   880-882   Jul 2016


"Social Aspects in DH Research and Education Overseas"
DHjp(Bensei Publishing)   (2) 46-51   Mar 2014
"Japanese Art Collections Overseas and Image Databases"
Keiko Suzuki
ARC Newsletter   (2) 4-6   Dec 2013
A Review of "When Worlds Collide: Art, Cartography, and Japanese Nanban World Map Screens," by Joseph F. Loh
Keiko Suzuki
Dissertation Reviews      Dec 2013

Books etc

“Kimono Culture in Twentieth-Century Global Circulation: "Kimonos, Aloha Shirts, Suka-jan, and Happy Coats” in Linking Cloth/Clothing Globally, Transformations of Use and Value, c.1700-2000 (ICES Series of Studies in International Economy, vol.1), ed. by
Keiko Suzuki
ICES, Hosei University Publishing   Mar 2019   ISBN:978-4-9910044-0-7
『国際ワークショップ 学術資料としての『型紙』―資料の共有化と活用に向けて 報告書』
Keiko Suzuki, and Mizuho Kamo
Art Research Center, Ritsumeikan University   Mar 2017   
Kyoto's Suminagashi-zome and Norinagashi-zome Dyeing Techniques: The History and New Possibilities
Ed. by Mihiko Aoki, and translated by Keiko Suzuki
京都工芸繊維大学美術工芸資料館/立命館大学アート・リサーチセンター 文部科学省 共同利用・共同研究拠点「日本文化資源デジタル・アーカイブ研究拠点」   Oct 2016   
並木誠士、立命館大学アート・リサーチセンター 文部科学省 共同利用・共同研究拠 「日本文化資源デジタル・アーカイブ研究拠点」 《デジタル・アーカイブ手法を用いた近代染織資料の整理と活用プロジェクト》、鈴木桂子
Best Print   Sep 2016   
Digital Humanities Guidebook
Ryo Akama, Keiko Suzuki, Kozaburo Hachimura, Keiji Yano, and Toshihiko Yuasa
Bensei Publishing Inc.   Nov 2014   ISBN:978-4-585-20031-4

Conference Activities & Talks

消費とデザイン研究会   30 Mar 2019   
ICT文理融合可視化小委員会(第2回)   4 Mar 2019   
アジア・日本研究推進プログラム 2018年度定期会合(第2回)   13 Dec 2018   
Design Dialogues: Questions on Kosode and Japonse Rok's Commonalities
Roundtable History & Design Kosode & Banyans: Contested World Views in an Attire c1580-1910   12 Sep 2018   
Rethinking Katagami Designs from a Global Perspective
History & Design Roundtable: Printed Textiles for West Africa. c1860-1980s. Low Countries, Scotland, Switzerland, Japan and their Global Connections   4 Sep 2018   

Teaching Experience

  • Project Seminar 3 (Ritsumeikan University)
  • Project Seminar 4 (Ritsumeikan University)
  • Graduate Research 1(Master Course) (Ritsumeikan University)
  • Graduate Research 2(Master Course) (Ritsumeikan University)
  • Frontiers of Digital Humanities (Ritsumeikan University)

Association Memberships

Association for Asian Studies , Japanese Art History Forum , International Association for Japan Studies , The European Association for Japanese Studies


立命館土曜講座  特集「近代化・洋装化社会でのきもの文化・ビジネスを考える」
The Others   Jan 2019 - Jan 2019
The Others   Jan 2019 - Jan 2019
海を渡った「きもの」文化 全3回講義 第1回「江戸時代の「きもの」文化とオランダ貿易」(4月19日) 第2回「近代の「きもの」文化とジャポニスム」(5月17日) 第3回「20世紀の「きもの」文化と国際化」(6月21日)
The Others   Apr 2018 - Jun 2018
The Others   Oct 2017
The Others   Jun 2017

Research Grants & Projects

Project Year: 2009 - 2009
文部科学省 「人文学及び社会科学における共同研究拠点の整備の推進事業」委託費による「服飾文化共同研究拠点」にかかわる共同研究課題の公募事業
Project Year: 2009 - 2011
Project Year: 2010 - 2014
立命館創始140年・学園創立110周年記念 国際シンポジウム「Digital Iconography -イメージデータベースと図像研究-」
Project Year: 2010 - 2010
2010年度後期 研究の国際化推進プログラム 「研究成果の国際的発信強化」
Project Year: 2010 - 2010